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"If it floats, flies, burns
Picture 171
Herrie with Tyler mount Ice Berg Shoot

Most of August was spent on the Ocean Endeavour, a high end exploration cruise ship. The voyage took us from the West Coast of Greenland to to the Canadian Arctic. Nothing like getting paid to direct a show that's also a personal "trip of a lifetime."

A few months earlier, we choppered out to the Maersk Viking, a cutting edge oil drilling vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. We followed the construction of a brand new well....5000 feet below the surface of the ocean. This technology is usually "out of sight and out of mind" for most of us. Filming this process was amazing.

I also spent a fascinating two weeks in the Norwegian Sea filming the constuction of the world's largest subsea compression station. We were aboard the top of the line construction vessel North Sea Giant.

Early in 2015, we were also off the coast of Norway aboard a brand new jack-up-rig...the Maersk Interceptor as it was towed out from Stavanger to it's location 200 KM off-shore. Three huge legs are all that keeps this behmouth stable on the ocean floor. The rig was incredibly impressive...on scale with the space program when you see what goes into design and construction.

The weather started off benign but that all changed with hurricane force 160 Km/h winds. Needless, to say it all worked out for another episode of Discovery Channel's "Mighty Ships."

And finally...if you're not ten minutes early, you are ten minutes late. Never keep your crew waiting!

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